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All journeys begin with the all important first step. Sometimes that step is a planned and calculated move and sometimes it comes out of the blue. The first step for Mr. Anderson came straight from the heart. Whilst travelling around the region on a humanitarian cause Mr. Anderson literally came across the site of today’s Villa Katarina and Korta Katarina, it was love at first sight. Through various humanitarian projects Mr. Anderson has made a huge difference to Croatia and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact, since 1994 a grand total of $764,000 has been kindly donated to help where help was needed the most. From rebuilding schools, restoring water supplies, re-roofing homes and connecting electricity supplies Mr. Anderson has always generously given to those most in need.

The Andersons' have combined their passion for wine and their newfound love for Croatia to create the leading bespoke haven Korta Katarina Winery and Hotel in Orebić, Croatia.
The family purchased the well-known “Rivijera” hotel on the shore of the Adriatic coast and after almost a decade of planning, architectural design and construction Villa Katarina opened its doors to the first guests in September 2018. A very secluded and exclusive property designed with great attention to detail Villa Katarina completes their investment in this part of Croatia.

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The Andersons' are Original Trustees of the Naples Winter Wine Festival in Naples, Florida and have taken this dedication for wine to a new level in Croatia. The Korta Katarina Winery is a magnet for wine lovers from all over the world and has rapidly stamped its mark on the global wine scene. Combining the very best of Dalmatian hospitality with high-end modern room amenities and lavish interior decor, as well as a careful selection of local and international dishes Hotel Villa Katarina offers a unique experience that our guest will cherish for a lifetime.

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