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15. Apr 2019 |
by korta katarina

3 Things Wine Lovers Must Do in Pelješac

3 Things Wine Lovers Must Do in Pelješac

If you are looking for breathtaking wineries, high-quality wines, and beautiful beaches, then Pelješac is the place to be. This peninsula in southern Dalmatia, Croatia is the best holiday for those looking for a high-class stay with quality drinks and food. You will see nothing but magnificent landscapes and oceans galore.


Sip on some of the best wine you might ever taste in your life and munch on some delectable hors d'oeuvres while you lay by the sea and take in the natural beauty of the sunset. There are many other activities you can participate in when you aren't at the beach basking in the sun. There are olive groves and vineyards to see, and you can also go check out Napoleon's path, which stretches about 61 kilometers long.


Ultimately, tourists are here for the wine, and they know it. Because Pelješac has the most optimal sunlight exposure for the perfect grapes, the wine is amazing. One sip is enough for you to recognize a great cup!


Should you plan to visit this region, here are a few things that you must do:


Visit the Pelješac vineyards


These vineyards cover a significant amount of the Pelješac peninsula, stretching from Ston all the way to the northwest to Orebić. Famous Plavac Mali wine is very deep in color, with a fruity, full-bodied, rich taste.


This wine is full of tannins, making it a healthy wine. Most wines here will have an alcohol level of 13-15%. The great sun exposure and the moisture in the soil make the optimal environment for great grapes. The arid conditions and sea salt breeze allow for vines that are low in yield, but very rich in flavor.


Harvesting these vineyards can be so hard that the grape pickers must harness themselves on these slopes. There’s no doubt that these vineyards will fascinate you. Whether or not you like drinking wine, a visit to the places where the grapes are grown will certainly be worth it!


Experience wine tourism


Because of the quality of the wine in this region, wine tourism is the biggest and most booming business in Pelješac. Not only is it the ideal place to go for a cruise or check out the wineries, but it's also a great place for wine-tasting and vacationing. Big brand wineries like Korta Katarina and Saints Hills are frequently visited from people all around the world for wine tasting as well as to stock up on a few bottles.


There are even visitors' centuries where you can taste and buy any bottle you like. There are villages in or near the area that sell wine as well. Small family wineries are also great places to check out because they sell their produce from their small farmhouse shops or a summer roadside stall. Many have some great wines as well. This is a good way to really experience the culture and engage with the locals.


Taste the delicious seafood


This is the hotspot for enjoying some delicious oysters and shrimp with your wine. If you are a seafood fanatic, you are about to be in heaven. The abundance of fresh seafood is something to take advantage of. Seafood is usually served fresh, raw, or cooked with some bread, wine, and with lemon for squeezing. Lovers of wine and seafood will be having the time of their lives indulging in the greatest meal. Enjoy some freshly caught fish and a few appetizers with your friends as you sip on a cup of wine and enjoy the incredible view.


If you’re looking for a food & wine tour in Croatia, get in touch today! We’re happy to help

organize the perfect trip for you.


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