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11. Mar 2019 |
by korta katarina

Korta Katarina - All You Need to Know About Wine Tasting Trips in Croatia

Korta Katarina - All You Need to Know About Wine Tasting Trips in Croatia

Croatia is located in the eastern coast of the nutrient-rich Adriatic Sea, making it one of the leading producers of many fresh plant products such as tomatoes, olives, and of course, grapes.


The country has always been known for its wine, even before it became the Croatia that we know today. Now that you’re properly primed to the concept of Croatian wine, let us take you on a journey through this beautiful region to see what it has to offer.


What Makes Croatian Wines so Special


The small island of Korcula and the Pelješac Peninsula region are some of the best producers of wine grapes in the country. The people in this region of Croatia have a deep-rooted connection to the agricultural and fishery industry. The two feed into one another, creating an unbreakable bond to nature that the people cherish. The same mentality is the one that grape farmers in Korcula have had for thousands of years.


They pay attention to every factor that could affect the quality of the wine, including the weather, the annual tide shifts, and the quality of the soil. These regions have had the same way of growing grapes for over a thousand years since the Middle Ages, which is a tradition that is still upheld today. The local people are so proud of their wine that many of them have wine cellars within their own homes that they use to store the caskets and bottles that they will share with their neighbors and guests on special occasions. Refusing to drink someone’s wine is considered to be an insult to the host in some areas, so if you’re planning to visit a relative or a friend in these areas, get ready to drink your fill!


// Pelješac Wines


The Pelješac Peninsula is known for its dry red, as the nutrients from the sea allow grapes to create a unique composition that gives it a distinct flavor and texture unlike any other wine in the world. Be sure to try the famous Plavac Mali if you’re a fan of full-bodied wines; the ruby-red color and intensely sweet flavor followed by a hint of bitterness are what gives the wine its unique character.


// Korcula Wines


The traditional Korcula white wines such as Pošip and Grk are known worldwide for its intricate, fruity flavor. Grk has a slightly bitter initial taste, but it will continue to get sweeter as your tongue becomes acclimated with it. The wine gives a distinct drinking experience, unlike any other white wine you will find. Pošip, on the other hand, has a much crisper impression along with a higher level of acidity compared to Grk.







The most notable events in Croatia are the Ston Wall Marathon, Viganj Games Rozarijada, and the traditional Moreška Dances. Although these events may not be related to wine tasting, you can be sure that they will make your trip much more exciting.




There are different types of accommodation you can find in Croatia such as hostels, hotels, and luxury villas. If you’re planning to make the most of your trip and travel in utter bliss and relaxation, booking a villa is worth it!


If you’re looking for a food & wine tour in Dubrovnik, get in touch today! We’re happy to help organize the perfect trip for you.





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