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29. Nov 2018 |
by korta katarina

Korta Katarina Winery proudly presents prestige awards for best wines in Southern Dalmatia!

Korta Katarina Winery proudly presents prestige awards for best wines in Southern Dalmatia!

Korta Katarina Winery, placed near Orebić on Peljesac peninsula, one of the best wineries in Croatia, and, as experts recently said, best winery in Southern Dalmatia, proudly presents prestige awards given to our esteemed wines and winery.

Since our first vintage wine made in 2006, our ambitions and aspirations have grown steadily, as well as the quality of the wines we offer today.

Most valued proofs are rewards we've been given recently.

Plus all other from previous years.

Last week, in luxurious Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, was held a GET report, an annual meeting of top wine experts in Croatia where Korta Katarina's representatives were rewarded with two 'Wine Grape' (Bijeli grozd) awards.

The award was founded in 2012 by the association of 'culture of the table' - G.E.T., which is engaged in the promotion of eno-gastronomy and development of eno-gastro tourism (wine and gastronomy tourism) in this part of Europe.

Being a part of this wine event is certainly a great honor, and to be rewarded is even greater, so we are very proud to announce that Korta Katarina Winery won White Grape award as best winery in Southern Dalmatia and third best winery in Croatia, especially for the whole eno-gastro tourism impression.

Rewarded in Southern Dalmatia

  1. Winery Korta Katarina, Orebić, Pelješac
  2. Winery Bire, Lumbarda, island Korcula
  3. Winery Rizman, Klek (Komarna vineyards)

The best in Croatia in wine tourism:

  1. Meneghetti Winery, Bale
  2. Vuglec Winery, Škarićevo - Krapina
  3. Winery Korta Katarina, Orebić

For the best wineries, this year voted more than 500 eno-gastro connoisseurs and passengers, as well as around 1200 people through an open survey. Within Croatia, the results are divided into 5 regions: Croatian Uplands, North and Central Dalmatia, Southern Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner, and Slavonia and Ponudavlje (Danube area), besides the awards that were given to wineries from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

But these are not the only recent prestigious awards.

Korta Katarina was also awarded at the Wine stars ceremony with the highest point, five stars, for ours Korta Katarina - Winemaker's Selection 2011.


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