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09. Oct 2018 |
by korta katarina

Best wines in Croatia

Best wines in Croatia

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy in wine tours and taste the best Croatian wines.
When wine and autumn fuse together, with the horizon so beautiful for instant filling up your soul, it is a pleasure you can only find in most prestigious wine regions. And one of them is located on the peninsula Peljesac, where, in perfect location on the sunny side of the peninsula, lays the winery Korta Katarina.

Winery represents best combination of Peljesac treasures and the American business tradition, and the result is one of the best Croatian wine.

Since the beginning, owners of Korta Katarina, Americans from Minnesota, are devoted primarily to a famous, high quality grape sort - plavac mali.

They bought an old vineyards and planted some new one on two key wine positions on Peljesac, with perfect conditions for premium quality red wine sorts Dingač and Postup and the white grapes Pošip, also very known old sort, for premium quality white wines.

From first commercial business years, only seven harvests of precious plavac mali have been launched to market.

Since Korta Katarina is one of the few wineries in Dalmatia with same conditions and same technology in the basement form their first to the last harvest, they are an excellent model for studying the potential for longevity cultivation. So you can have best of the best wines, what will experts from the winery gladly explain about every wine sort you can currently taste at the place.

Today, there are over 300 defined wine regions in Croatia, with 64 indigenous grape varietals and many more small private wineries. But not all of them makes the best wines.

Only about 5 procent of the Croatian's wines qualify as 'Premium Quality Wine' designation. A slightly larger percentage of wines are classified as 'Quality Wine' and the remaining wine is labeled as 'Table Wine'.

Korta Katarina's portfolio of current sort of wines you can taste (and bring home for delicious memories) is small but with highest quality as only best wines can have, premium quality.

From seven harvests and current offer of seven different sorts, six of them are labeled as 'Premium Quality', even the sparkling wine, and just one 'Quality Wine', which can't be better proof for the fact that Korta Katarina winery really makes one of the best wines in Croatia.

We'll be happy to host you on our especialy beautifull autumn taste tours, with special stars featured in that extrodinary adventure, known as : Korta Katarina Rose, Korta Katarina Reuben's Private Reserve Magnum, Korta Katarina Plavac Mali (2009.), Korta Katarina Reuben's Private Reserve (2008.), Korta Katarina Winemaker Selection, Korta Katarina Plavac Mali (2012.), Korta Katarina Reuben's Private Reserve (2009.), Korta Katarina Pošip and white sparkling wine Korta Katarina Sabion. All aged from 2008. - 2017.


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