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08. Jan 2019 |
by korta katarina

how to store korta katarina wines?

how to store korta katarina wines?

How to store Korta Katarina (and other premium quality wines)?

You have just got a bottle of premium quality wine with excellent potential if it lays down for a while, but not sure how to properly store it?

Don't worry, because we in Korta Katarina Winery cherish our obligation to educate our clients, not just to offer them premium quality wines. Wines that deserves special care...

Our story, our mission and everything we own, here in Peljesac peninsula, winery, vineyards and 5-star hotel (villa) is made for wine lovers and those who appreciate valuable things in their lives.

And by that, we also mean a good old bottle of wine, from our experience with our rewarded selection of Croatian wine tradition and American business roots.

Since the owners, the Andersons family, are devoted to highest wine quality, the result is that the Korta Katarina Winery is one of only a few wineries in Dalmatia with same conditions and same technology in the basement from their first to the last harvest. Which also means that they are an excellent model for studying the potential for longevity cultivation.

So if you seeking for best answers about storing vintage bottles you own, trust our experts. Storage & Use Wine bottles should be kept in a dark place. If you can not keep them away from light, wrap it in a cloth or put it in the box. Bottles with cork plug always store laying down, so the cork can't dry completely. That will keep the air outside, no to spoil the taste of the wine. The temperature in the wine storage area should not be (never) higher than 24ºC, but for most wines that you do not plan to store for years, the ideal temperature for storing will be around 18 ºC. Higher temperature will accelerate aging. Lower temperatures will not damage wine, it will only slow down the aging process. So, if you plan to store the wine for a long time, rise down the temperature to ideal and constant 13 ºC. When you decide to use wine, make sure it is at an ideal temperature

Serve red, rose and dry white wines at a temperature of 10 to 12 ºC.
Sparkling and champagne cool to 6 to 8ºC.
Light red wines served at 10 - 12 and dark red at 16-18 ºC.
Or, if you are not in the mood for taking care of something, The Andersons and Korta Katarina invite you to come to Orebić, on Peljesac peninsula so we can take care of everything. For you. And also give you an opportunity to explore the culture, vineyards, winemaking traditions, state of the art winery, wine bar, and our Villa.


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