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23. Nov 2018 |
by korta katarina

Korta Katarina Wine Online Shop

Korta Katarina Wine Online Shop

Perfect idea for Christmas gifts shopping! Show them how much you care with Korta Katarina's Premium Wines!

If you still have no idea what to give to your dearest for Christmas, wine lovers will always recommend a good bottle of wine!

Since we are not just wine lovers, but also winemakers, we'll be glad to introduce you with our online wine shop, where you can, with just a few clicks, buy one of the most wonderful wines from Croatia.

Wines with Croatian treasure and American tradition.

Our Korta Katarina's Collection of Premium Quality Wines – a selection that will evoke all senses and subtly show your dearest how much you care, how much you appreciate them.

It's the thing that every adult person will gladly receive and enjoy in it, no matter if we are talking about a man or woman, partner, friend or business partner. Not to mention that wine is on the top of the list of perfect, unerring business gifts.

If you still need more reasons to convince you, let us tell you a word or to about our wines. One of the best wines you'll find in Croatia, a small country with big wine tradition.

With 64 indigenous grape varietals officially recorded in Croatia, one of most famous, and highly qualified is plavac mali, the grape sort that provides wine sorts known as Dingač and Postup – sorts traditionally linked to a coastal area of Peljesac Penninsula, the only place where plavac mali can succeed.

Right there where is situated our Korta Katarina Winery, vineyards and Korta Katarina Villa.

For a case you want to come and explore our whole wine fairytale on your own.

In a meantime, if you're far, far away, and still searching for a perfect gift for Christmas or every other occasion, explore our wine online shop and choose the one that suite you the best.

All available wines are aged from 2008. to 2017, and you can easily order them online.


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