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08. Nov 2018 |
by korta katarina

Korta Katarina Winery Fairytail

Korta Katarina Winery Fairytail

Experience gourmet runaway, explore mysteries of one of most precious vineyards in Croatia

Golden autumn, Ruby red wine, delicious food and a warm welcome in the midst of a mystery vineyards, it really sounds like a perfect touristic fairy tale. Fairytale about relaxing holiday for your next leisurely trip in autumn.

All those who yearn for the magic of nature, who appreciate good wine and always looking for the dose of luxury in the adventure, regardless of the price, a trip to one of the most precious vineyards in Croatia really sounds like a call to paradise.

Especially if we mention that hidden in fantastic landscape lays one special place – Korta Katarina Winery with, Korta Katarina Villa place where you will find one of the best wines in Croatia, buy some more, for tasteful memories and spent days getting acquainted with the vineyards from Peljesac peninsula and Korcula island.

Sleeping in one of eight individually styled suites, a perfect mix of old, typical Dalmatian stone house and modern 'smart room', incorporated in elegant room design of our Villa.
The Peljesac peninsula is the 'king and queen' of Croatians vineyard treasure chest.
An inclement, but the fertile island has ideal conditions for one of the most precious wine sorts in Croatia, Plavac Mali; most popular and economically most important red wine grape in the whole country.
Mediterranean climate, pebble slopes of Peljesac, rich in minerals and turned to the sea and the sun, are crucial for the peculiar, rich flavor and ruby red grape sort Plavac Mali, main sort of our Premium Quality Wines, Korta Katarina's Plavac Mali, Reuben’s Private Reserve and Rosé wines, – excellent selection combined two famous wine sorts Dungač and Postup.

The results are full-bodied, deeply colored wines that taste of dried cherries, hints of raspberry and other earthy characteristics.

Unique location and tradition perfectly reward hard work of winegrowers and winemakers with top quality autochthonous variety.

Most famous wine of the Plavac mali variety is Dingač, which is also first Croatian wine with protected and controlled origin (1961). It is obtained exclusively from grapes from the locality Dingač, located on the steep slopes of Pelješac peninsula.

For now, the areas under the Plavac mali are strictly controlled, even harvesting is done manually because of it's delicate aroma. This superior wine of dark ruby color and fullness of long-lasting aroma ideally matches with dark meat or fish.

Besides Dingač, there's also a far-known Dingac's 'younger brother', Postup, second protected Croatian wine (1967) of the Plavac mali variety. Both, Postup and Dingač from Peljesac can sit side by side with top-quality red wines from around the world. Dry and gentle, with intense red color and full of harmonious taste.

And for white wine lovers, there's a secret called Pošip, selected grapes purchased from the vineyards in Čara on the island of Korčula, the birthplace of the great explorer Marco Polo.

Čara Valley is located in the heart of the island of Korčula, ideally placed between two hills, natural guards that protect vineyards from southerly and northerly winds, but opened to the west and east, which is particularly important in the summer because of the direction of the sea breezes which daily ventilate the valley.

That's why our white Premium Quality Wines offers more complexed structure and a bit more alcohol than most white varieties. But with excellent aroma harmony.

And excellent story that lays behind it. The story that calls for true experience.

So come to Pelješac, taste famous wines, enjoy delicious local food, see beautiful landscapes and, for the sweetest end, dive into a fluffy pillow in our Villa.


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