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08. Nov 2018 |
by korta katarina

Taste best Croatian wines in our winery tours

Taste best Croatian wines in our  winery tours

Feed your thirst for wine adventure with Korta Katarina's well-known treasures

Korta Katarina a small, but very precious Croatian winery, located on Peljesac peninsula, near Orebić, surrounded with most praised vineyards in Croatia.

In over 300 defined wine regions in Croatia, with 64 indigenous grape varietals and many private wineries, Croatia really has something worthwhile to offer for biggest wine lovers.

Of course, not all of them are labeled as best wines.

Only about 5 percent of Croatian's wines qualify as 'Premium Quality Wine', and, if you still don't know that fact, many of those most quality wines are coming from just a few grape sorts, those you can find only at peninsula Peljesac!

Oh, yes, those are the main 'culprits' of our premium wines, as well. So if you are wishing to treat yourself with excited wine tours, very popular among modern tourists, why not try the best of the best?

Best winery tours to taste best Croatian wines, made of best grape sorts, all unified in name Korta Katarina. Synonym of best Croatian ina wines with American roots.

Since the beginning, owners of Korta Katarina, Americans from Minnesota, are devoted primarily to a famous, high-quality grape sort - plavac mali, premium quality red sorts Dingač and Postup, and the white grapes Pošip, also very known old sort, for premium quality white wines.

With all these facts there's no better thing to say but invite you to reserve your trip to Peljesac. Right now, in best 'wine time' – magical autumn, and choose one of our three custom-made winery tours.

Choose between Basic, VIP, or Gastro winery tours, discover interesting wine stories, get to know all sweet little details you still don't know about wine production, and of course, taste one of the best wines in Croatia.

Korta Katarina's Premium Quality pearls. From our seven different sorts, six of them are labeled as 'Premium Quality Wine'.

It really does sound like an excellent invitation, don't you think?


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