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28. Dec 2018 |
by korta katarina

Best Croatian sparkling wine to toast for festive New Year

Best Croatian sparkling wine to toast for festive New Year

It might not be Dom Perignon, famous name, but it doesn't have to be it at all, because our Korta Katarina Sabion Brut, premium white sparkling wine will be equal if not an even better choice. Especially if you celebrate New Year's Eve in Croatia.

Korta Katarina Sabion Brut 2014 is very first sparkling wine of Korta Katarina Winery – small yewel from Peljesac peninsula but far known with highest quality wines made from one of the most famous grape sorts in Croatian. And Croatian rich wine tradition.

Produced by the 'classic' champagne method it derives from the infamous white Posip grape of Dalmatia.

Sparkling wine Sabion Brut 2014 is the only sparkling wine in our current vintages. You can, of course, pick other wines from our current offer, but for sparkling wine, for the sparkliest night in the year, Sabion Brut 2014 will definitely be the best choice.

So if you seek for the best treat, let the glass of Sabion Brut be the most wonderful entrance in brand New Year. For happier 365 days ahead.

Although the Sabion Brut was made more for summer feeling, this breeze of summer tastes will be those wanted delicate surprise in your New Years Eve.

Toast for better days with the taste of sweat refreshment, not to mention it's premium quality sparkling wine label.

If you seek for the best, let the perfect mix of Croatian wine heritage and American business tradition, woven in the name Sabion Brut, give all that you are seeking for.



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