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23. Nov 2018 |
by korta katarina

Wine Tips and Tricks

Wine Tips and Tricks

Decanting, for best pleasure (vintage) wine can give!

Everyone likes to enjoy in a glass of high-quality wine, but if you have an old, precious vintage bottle of wine somewhere in your storage, and suddenly special guest arrive, it would be a great risk for you to offer a glass, without proper preparation.

You know, old vintage wines need some time to awoke all its beauty, harmony, and aroma, to became what it needs to be. That's why vintage wines (and young, too) needs proper decanting, especially if we talk about a rich, thick consistency of that delicate liquid.

Since Korta Katarina's wine portfolio hides very valuable old and young wines sorts, we prefer to advise all of our guests, that even if the wine is still young, decanting will certainly help for a better experience.

Since both old and younger vintages benefit from decanting, the best way is to remove the sediment from the bottom, but certain things you must know before doing it. Even if you already know how to do it.

Our expert team od Korta Katarina's Winery, a famous winery from Peljesac Penninsula will gladly share important wine tips and tricks about decanting.

4 smart advice:

  1. Stored bottle on its side: If your precious old wine was stored on its side, where you can see all the sediment gathered on the side, dont+s rush the process. Wine stored like that needs at least 24 hours standing upright, so that sediment can settle on the bottle. But if you don't have so much time, simply keep the bottle on its side while decanting.

  2. Pour the wine in another bottle (decanter) slowly, keeping sediment away until it reaches the neck of the bottle. Rest of wine don't pour into the decanter and serve it directly from it.

  3. For younger wines, rules are bit different because they need to aerate with 'hard decanting'. It means pouring wine from the bottle to decanter, not slowly like vintage wines needs, but by quick turning, upside-down to splash it out.

  4. No time for decanting at all? Well, the risk is all yours, but it would be very helpful to open it just to breathe for avail, minutes before the meal.


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